I met Amanda about a month before my due date, and I knew immediately she would be our perfect fit.  I knew that my husband and I would need different styles of support from a single doula and that was going to be difficult to find.  Her personality leant itself to a calm but confident coach for me and a relaxing and good natured support person for my husband.  She knows what she's doing, but she aslo has an approachable sense to her work and brings humor which lightens the mood.  We really enjoyed her levity.  I love how she has just known she wanted to do this work from a very young age.  She is passionate and studies all aspects.  She is the total package - she brings prenatal support and suggestions, perfect labor support and wonderful postpartum connection.  During my final month of pregnancy and the week I was overdue, she checked in and helped me have the right questions for my OB practitioners that I wouldn't have necessarily thought of on my own.  She was a great complement to my OB care and then in the hospital worked seamlessly with the nursing staff.   I know without a doubt that our birth would have gone differently had she not been a part of it.  Being a first-time mom, you think you can prepare for labor, but once you are in it, things change.  From the very beginning she helped me cope and pace myself, she encouraged good breathing and made me feel like I was doing everything perfectly.  When I considered interventions, she helped me through those conversations without judgement and ultimately just having her and my husband was enough to get us through.  My husband simply says Amanda is worth her weight in gold.  Since our daughter was born, I feel a wonderful connection with her.  She's visited us and going over our birth story with her a few days postpartum was a wonderful gift to secure my feelings about such a powerful experience.  
Sarah R.K., Maine
I had reached a point where I was about to give up on breast feeding, but my lactation consultant Amanda Powell turned everything around for me. I am a first time Mother and I was struggling to feed my baby as my milk had come in and my breasts had become very uncomfortable, it just seemed impossible and I felt I would fail. When I set up an appointment with Amanda, she gave me advice on how I could relieve my engorged breasts, which was a good help and relieved some of my anxiety until she could meet with me that day. Amanda came to our home and immediately put me at my ease, talking me through possible solutions. Amanda was happy to help, she stayed with me for three hours, which I particularly appreciated as she had come from a full day of work. She wanted to make sure my problem was solved and she had seen my baby have a good feed. The appointment was so successful that since then I have been able to breast feed naturally and our pediatrician is happy with our baby's growth. Amanda was extremely patient and kind in advising me. She was so encouraging, it made me feel very positive and I couldn't thank Amanda enough. I would recommend Amanda to any nursing mother and I know that she would treat all mothers with kindness and understanding.
Caroline Clark, Westbrook, ME