Breastfeeding Support

You just spent 9 months growing this baby then you birthed like the goddess that you are but NOW you have to feed the little one!  Have no fear, I can support you through all the amazing, confusing, sometimes easy, sometimes difficult, incredibly rewarding journey called Breastfeeding.  Think of me as your breastfeeding tour guide, I can show you the way if you get lost but you're always in control of the paths that you take.

I received certification by taking the Healthy Children Lactation Counselor course in 2014.  This course involved a week long class (40 hrs) complete with role playing and homework that finished with two forms of exams (multiple choice and a breastfeeding video portion).

Certified Lactation Counselor Services

  • Education on benefits of breastfeeding
  • Support directly after birth with the magical hour:
  • Continued support in person and over phone for as long as needed postpartum
    • additional support for Doula clients past one postpartum visit will be $20 an hour
    • Lactation support only without being a Doula client is a sliding fee of $25-$50 an hour