Q: I already have a partner/family/friend coming to the birth to support me, why do I need you?

A: Great question!  The truth is whoever you have coming with you means a lot to you and is most likely going to go through the emotional roller coaster with you!  I also have emotions but am a friendly professional that will guide both of you in the journey.  Sometimes the person you have coming with you feels overwhelmed that they are your support person and having a Doula helps them relax to know they can completely focus on you.  A Doula can also show them different things they can do to help you.  There are many laboring positions that are beneficial with a partner. One of my favorite parts is working with the partners.

The bottom line is, they know you and I know birth so it's teamwork at its best!

Q: I really want your services but don't have it in my budget. What can you do?

A: Although this is a business, I'm doing it because I think it's important for all women to have the option of a Doula.  I can work with you to change the amount of services I provide or set up a payment plan.  

Q: I have a Midwife isn't that like a Doula?

A: No, Midwives are medically trained and Doulas are not.  Midwives perform all the clinical parts and are there for the health of you and your baby.  They will do all the exams, work with the machines and be there when the baby is being born.  They will administer any medicine and deliver the placenta after.  Midwives and Doulas typically have the same mindset about birth which is that it is a very normal, natural thing you body knows how to do and will typically go smoothly without medical interventions.  This is not to say medicine isn't helpful to birth because it 100% saves lives when it is needed.

Doulas are there for emotional, physical and educational support.  We don't provide any clinical tasks.  We don't call the shots but we can give you all the options in a non biased manner.  We help you with positions to ease your labor and provide massages.  We are also trained in some counter pressures techniques to relieve pain.  We get to know you before birth to find out what is important to you and help you navigate resources and decisions.

Midwives and Doulas have different roles all together but are used to working together.  The midwife will most likely be in and out of the room and probably with other births throughout your labor.  Doulas are with you and only you the whole time.  

Q: Are Doulas covered by insurance?

Doulas are typically not covered by insurance but the more people attempt to get reimbursed by their insurance the more likely it will be a covered service.  You can also try and use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). I do not personally bill insurance but can give you a receipt with some codes and a letter for the insurance to attempt to be reimbursed.