Why I am doing this:


I have had a passion for pregnancy since as long as I can remember.  I think pregnancy is one of the most amazing things our bodies go through!  We can grow a life inside of us!  

I also believe in advocacy and in you making the right choices for YOU and your birth.  I want to help women have an amazing birth that they will feel empowered by.  

I also feel the role of a partner or whomever you choose to be with you during the birth is vital.  My goal is not to make them feel left out but help them find their grove in the labor support.  You will have a deep connection with whomever is in the room during your birth and I want to help that connection thrive in the moment.

How I got here:


When I went to college I changed majors about three times until I decided to design my own major.  It is a B.A. Interdisciplinary Individualized and is called Pregnancy and Neonatal Advocacy and Support (phew! it's a mouthful).  During this major I happened upon a flyer for the Doula training and took the dive.  After the training, I felt that this area was no doubt something I needed to get into but alas life happened first.  After graduation and that awkward year after college I got a job working in the health field.  I have worked at three different types of offices as a medical assistant.  Most recently I was a medical assistant at an OBGYN office.  This was great because I was able to learn everything women go through during all their prenatal visits.  I loved seeing pregnant women at my job everyday!

I didn't strongly pursue my Doula calling until the summer of 2012 when I decided to take the Doula training again.  I wanted to refresh myself and ignite the spark to start my business!  

Directly after the training, I attended two births in two weeks and felt invigorated from these amazing women.  I knew this is what I'm supposed to be doing.  I love being a doula in Portland, Maine!!!  

In 2013, I started the non-profit Community Doula Birth Program with four other doulas.  This program matches low-income women with doulas working towards their certification.  I was a co-founder and the Volunteer Coordinator for them until 2016.

Currently, I work at Portsmouth Regional Hospital as a staff doula with three other doulas!  This is a unique model that I enjoy being a part of on top of my private clients.  This "work" truly is my passion in life.